[drupal-devel] Translation coordinator

Nedjo Rogers nedjo at gworks.ca
Fri May 20 20:28:16 UTC 2005

This move to coordinators is a very positive step for Drupal.  Charlie's
approach to documentation - immediately moving to put in place a solid
team - is exemplary.  The two - coordinators and teams - should go hand in
hand.  And, when it proves itself, the structure may be extended to other
areas of Drupal, which have informal teams already.

Sometimes having co-coordination of a team between two individuals can work.
If we have more than one highly-qualified individual willing to take on the
work, this can only be a good thing.

We may be able to learn something from the way Plone implements teams, see


Each has its own publicly-accessible workspace on the plone.org site,
listing things like current projects, team members, contact info, etc.

Good step, Dries.


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