[drupal-devel] Translation coordinator

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Sat May 21 11:54:40 UTC 2005

> I'd like to propose having a "Drupal translation coordinator".
> I have two candidates in mind: Gerhard (killes) and Gabor (goba).
> Both Gerhard and Gabor have a track record guiding new translators,  and 
> Gabor is mostly responsible for the current locale module.  I  think 
> both have what it takes.

I would vote for Gerhard, since I am too busy nowadays to be reasonably 
around most of the time. Not that I have no intention to be around and 
help with what I can :)

These are the days we are performing that musical I have told you in 
february. Our leaflet showing myself in two different roles in the two 
different sets, and some pictures of the first set (myself playing a 
teacher very much adored among the students) can be found here: 


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