[drupal-devel] Admin theme?

Gerhard Killesreiter killesreiter at physik.uni-freiburg.de
Mon May 30 05:38:53 UTC 2005

On Sun, 29 May 2005, K B wrote:

> Whether we like it or not, perception is everything. The original
> article gives Drupal high marks as the most feature laden CMS.

This actually worried me more than the rest of his article.
First, I don't think "feature laden" is actually positive, second he
does not seem to have a wide overview over the CMS world.

> His style and language are vulgar for sure, but as I pointed
> elsewhere, some people never get over high school style talk. Many
> don't differentiate between chat, email, blogs, and use the same
> trash talk everywhere.

Right, we should not worry over such people. We should not even work
them with the clue bat. Waste of time.

> The rest of the comments do not stem from a vacuum though. Let us deal
> with the real issues (not the style) he raises (somehow) rather than
> be in denial, and go in ad hominem mode.

There is no issue, only perception.

The "problem" with Drupal is that it is very modular and flexible.
/Your/ admin function can be /my/ user feature. Thus, it is very hard to
determine which pages are "admin" pages. There are a few pages which are
more admin like than others of course. I would not mind if we'd modify
Drupal to add "admin" CSS tags for such pages if it would stop the
constant whining and bitching.

One point to consider is: If you cannot use your regular theme for admin
pages (because it is too graphics laden?) then what good is it for your
usual pages?

I am a site administrator at drupal.org and never found it a problem
that bluebeach is used for both types of pages. I've recently set up a
site using occy.theme and was rather surprised that it has some sort of
an admin theme for URLs starting with "admin". I guess I can work with

The suggestion by Scott to add an "admin" theme for the actual admin
account and use a user acoount for everyday's work is also worth to
consider. I am doing that at drupal.org. If you can add subdomains at
will, you can also make admin.doma.in an alias to doma.in and have both
accounts open in the same browser (Killes' Drupal Secrets #22).


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