[drupal-devel] Seeking maintainer of webform.module

Syscrusher scott at 4th.com
Tue May 31 19:01:55 UTC 2005


I've tried contacting the person listed with the project, but never got any
response, so I'll post more broadly here in case that person has moved on to
other things.

I need to reach the maintainer of the "webform" module as soon as possible,
because I have some contributed patches to offer. My company needed to use
this module internally, and needed some enhancements. So I got paid to write
them, the company gets to use them, and per my company's wonderful Open Source
policy, I get to contribute them back to the community under GPL. Everyone wins.

What I have added to webform.module is:

* Additional flexibility in setting the "Subject" line for emails of submitted
  forms, including a template-built subject line that can optionally include
  values of one or more fields from the submitted form.

* Ability for the administrator to force the "From" address of generated emails
  to be the email address from the authenticated Drupal user, instead of an
  address the user enters into the form.

* A new field type "select sql" that allows an arbitrary SQL query to return
  the list of options for list, checkbox, or radio fields. This allows, for
  example, a selection list that includes things like "all of the titles of
  the user's last N nodes" or similar site-defined queries.

* A new field type "select php" that calls an arbitrary PHP function to get
  the list of options for list, checkbox, or radio fields. I'm using this
  feature to allow users to select a project number from a completely separate
  project tracking system

The code is done, tested, and working with one exception: I need to add access
checks so that editing the two new field types is restricted only to users who
can create PHP-content nodes, to prevent a security hole. This isn't an issue
at our company, because the "create webforms" access is already tightly
restricted, but it is a potential issue in the broader community.

The patches I have are against a very recent (< 1 week old) copy of the 4.6
branch for this module.

So I just need to know whom to contact to submit the patch. Anyone care to step
forward or offer the name and email of the current maintainer? Any assistance

Kind regards,


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scott at 4th dot com       Drupal projects: http://drupal.org/project/user/9184
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