[drupal-devel] mailman wrapper module

Peter John Hartman peterjh at mennonot.net
Tue Nov 8 23:47:45 UTC 2005

There has been some interest in this project I'm working on on the #drupal
channel, so I thought I'd also broadcast a little heads up over the mailing

I'm finishing up a module that wraps the CLI of mailman.  It allows you to
add, modify, and delete users and lists, and, as an added bonus, since it
was developed for computer illiterates, there's a nicely designed
Step-by-Step (EZ) mailing list creation ditty included as well.  The code is
still imperfect, but it's shaping up.

Anyway, I know a couple of you are interested in this; and I'm also in
contact with the mailman people about integrating xmlrpc and some mysql
patches that might go along with this module. Right now it works off
straight vanilla mailman, but there are some technical puzzles to work out
with regards to their user management.

Drop me a line if you are interested in what I'm doing. I've checked the
thing in as "mlist" and wrote a little precis at

Cheers and keep up the good works, 

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