[development] Re: [drupal-devel] new CVS accounts

Jonathan Kamens jik at kamens.brookline.ma.us
Tue Nov 8 21:15:17 UTC 2005

I'm one of the new CVS accounts, so I'll introduce myself :-).

I maintain a private Drupal site for the parents' association of my
children's school.  It started out on Drupal 4.3, then I migrated to
4.4, then I just recently migrated to 4.6.3 (although we haven't yet
rolled out the new version).

In the process of fine-tuning Drupal to suit our needs, we've made a
number of changes to the core and to various contributed modules.
Some of these are bug fixes, some are enhancements that do not change
visible functionality, and some are enhancements that do change
functionality.  I hope to start feeding these changes back to the
development community soon after we roll 4.6.3 out to our users.  The
bug fixes and enhancements that do not change functionality, I'll
probably submit through the issue tracker.  The ones that do change
functionality, I'll discuss here first, since I suspect that a few of
them will be a bit controversial.

In addition to the changes we've made to the core and contributed
modules, I'm going to be submitting a simple module I wrote, a filter
called "indent" whose code is based heavily on urlfilter (i.e., I
started with urlfilter, ripped out the filtering that it does, and put
in the filtering I wanted).  This filter preserves indenting at the
beginnings of lines, so that if, for example,

  you write something like this
    or like this
	or like this

it'll look that way after filtering even after being converted to

In addition to the core / contrib changes and the indent module, we
have a custom module which is probably too specific to our site to be
useful to anyone else.

However, we have a third custom module which I'm not sure yet whether
I'm going to try to contribute to the community.  It's called
"school_directory", and it provides a browseable, searchable directory
of a school's parents, students and staff, including photos for
parents and staff.  I'm not sure it's in a contributable state because
it's a bit rough around the edges and because there's no facility for
editing or importing the directory data.  The module assumes that the
data is already in the relevant tables, and I have shell scripts which
turn a spreadsheet provided by the school office into the necessary
SQL to populate the tables.

I hope this is a good enough introduction :-).


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