[development] Re: [drupal-devel] new CVS accounts

Keve kevex at pro.hu
Tue Nov 8 23:07:11 UTC 2005

Thanks, Dries.
I also have a new CVS account.

I took over the maintanance of the taxonomy_access module, since Pyroman 
could not do it anymore. With so many patches around, it is really time 
to make it possible to update the module.

For 4.6, I made couple of bugfixes for cleaning up how the module 
generates the node_access table based on its own settings.

For HEAD version, I implemented hook_db_rewrite_sql, so there is no need 
to patch the taxonomy.module anymore.

I am interested in improving how the module should handle the different 
"rights"  (view/delete/update/create) . Any idea, suggestion from you, 
guys, is welcome.

Khalid B wrote:

>It would be better if we can modify this process a bit:
>- Who got the accounts
>- A one paragraph about each person
>Not sure how best to handle this, but perhaps you can provide a list
>in drupal-devel and ask everyone to introduce themselves, and why they
>are interested in CVS accounts.
>Just a thought, I have been known to be wrong before ...

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