[development] Important mailing list change

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Wed Nov 9 12:06:01 UTC 2005

>>Chris, you say Gmail cannot filter on To and/or CC and/or Reply-to? This
>>would be quite lame. I filter drupal.org mails using these fields.
> I didn't say gmail cannot filter on those headers you mention. I said
> that gmail cannot filter on the 'List-Id' header, or any headers other
> than To, From, Subject, and Body.
> I am currently able to filter drupal messages just fine with the
> presence of the [development], [feature], [bug], and etc. subjects but
> without these (and lacking the capability to filter on 'List-Id') all
> Drupal mail would get lumped together.

You see that your mail was "To: development at drupal.org"? Why does some
missing [Development] subject part would stop you from being able to
filter then?


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