[development] Help with Drupal Tests

Nimish Pachapurkar npac at spikesource.com
Fri Nov 11 19:52:07 UTC 2005


After playing with various cool features of Drupal for hours, I was very 
happy to find a simpletest module with a number of tests already 
implemented. What I would really like to do is to automate Drupal 
SimpleTests on my machine. It seems that the current way of running 
tests requires one to go through a UI, select the tests to run and then 
run them via a browser. Is there any way to script this up? Or is such a 
script already available somewhere?

I don't mind writing a script myself. But any help is welcome, since I 
haven't yet dived deep into Drupal's way of doing things.

Also, how many "core" Drupal tests are there already?

When I tried running the test through the UI (using the simpletest 
module) I ran into a couple of issues:

  1. The test module released for 4.6.0 (which is the latest release of 
that module) does not have any tests in it. In fact, the "tests" 
directory is altogether missing from the downloaded tar ball. Should I 
be reporting this on a different mailing list?

  2. The tests I got from CVS head do not run against 4.6.3 release. 
There is apparently a 'drupal_get_form()' function which is newer than 
this release.

  3. When I tried running the tests from CVS head against the Drupal CVS 
head, many of them failed. I am not too bothered by the failures. I 
understand the CVS HEAD may not always be working completely. But the 
PHP script is just dying when running many of the tests.

I use MySQL 4.1.13, Apache 2.0.55, PHP 5.0.4, and SimpleTest 
1.0.1Alpha1/2 on Fedora Core 3 Linux box.

Any help or pointers on any of these issues are much appreciated.


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