[development] Help with Drupal Tests

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Fri Nov 11 20:31:45 UTC 2005

Hi Nimish. Glad you are interested in our test suite.

> I don't mind writing a script myself. But any help is welcome, since I 
> haven't yet dived deep into Drupal's way of doing things.

I just committed a file that does just this. It is untested, but I'm 
sure you can fix it if there is a bug: 

> Also, how many "core" Drupal tests are there already?


> When I tried running the test through the UI (using the simpletest 
> module) I ran into a couple of issues:
>  1. The test module released for 4.6.0 (which is the latest release of 
> that module) does not have any tests in it. In fact, the "tests" 
> directory is altogether missing from the downloaded tar ball. Should I 
> be reporting this on a different mailing list?

please don't use 4.6 release. use HEAD. 4.6 version of this module was 
very different.

>  3. When I tried running the tests from CVS head against the Drupal CVS 
> head, many of them failed. I am not too bothered by the failures. I 
> understand the CVS HEAD may not always be working completely. But the 
> PHP script is just dying when running many of the tests.

I would appreciate if you could fix some of these tests, and perhaps 
improving our debug output so that we don't get a blank screen. there is 
a lot of potential in these tests, but small bugs are preventing them 
from being useful at this point.

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