[development] FYI more drupal.css stuff

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Sun Nov 13 16:13:20 UTC 2005

> I dont have any, unfortunately. I only use webalizer in various different configurations.
> Just some common sense brought me the conclusion that it is my 5th biggest
> BW eater.

Actually, my statistics were from Awstats.

Webalizer is more granular:

For October, site 1:
Hits      KB
4.82% 	7.53% 	/misc/drupal.css
2.66% 	5.21% 	/sites/default/themes/blah/style.css

Site 2:
Hits      KB
3.67% 	3.84% 	/misc/drupal.css
1.99% 	2.77% 	/sites/default/themes/blah/style.css

So, you can see that drupal.css is more of a contributer.

> I not proposing to do this for core, merely asking how interested people are in this.
> I am only giving this info, for others that might be interested. And for those who
> might want to work on drupal.css in future to consider. Too much has been said
> about that drupal.css already :p.

I think that drupal.css can easily be overridden now in themes with no
code changes?
Am I correct?

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