[development] Drupal Enhancement Proposals (DEPs)

Kobus Myburgh ITBJDM at puknet.puk.ac.za
Mon Nov 14 07:33:20 UTC 2005

> I disagree. Once some code comes forward there usually is some issue 
> created and all you need to do is read the contained information. People 
> who are not willign to do that won't read lenghty proposals either.

I disagree with you, Gerhard. Most people are not unwilling to read. Most people are unwilling to read when documentation is scattered all over the place. Especially if you only have a fe minutes to go through things, as has been the case with me over the past few years while I studied and work.

With my final exam finishing tomorrow, it may resolve this issue for me, but how many others are there like me who want to read a small bit of information about something particular, e.g. the future of Drupal theming, but need to go through 4 or more "official" channels to get this information. If I would like to see what is on the forefront of theming, I have to check recent discussions about themes on the mailing lists, I can search the handbook pages, and I can ask around on IRC. This is a waste of my precious time. If I can read all I need to know about theming in one place, I am all for this proposal.

We need more structure in the collaboration effort - that is the main reason I haven't been all that involved as I want to be, because I got only involved in stuff I could get my hands dirty with stuff I could get the full hang of within a few minutes. That's why I joined the documentation team. I have done some (I believe minor) work for the team, but at least I have an idea where things are going, and I can follow up with things that I know about. Development is not my strongest suite, and therefore catching up with difficult concepts whilst reading up 4 or more channels of communication is simply not effective nor efficient.



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