[development] How big is contrib?

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Wed Nov 16 13:18:34 UTC 2005

Richard Archer wrote:

>If I wanted to check out all the contributions, how much
>disk space and bandwidth would I be looking at?

killes at theo-dhcp-42:~/checkouts/contributions$ du -ks

>Or... is there any other way to grep through contrib modules?

Not really.

>I want to know how many use the forms API's #post_process
>feature to evaluate the impact of a potential patch.

Not too many yet;

image/image.module:  $form['thumbnail']['#post_process'] = 
project/comment.inc:    $form['#post_process'] = 'node_form_add_preview';

Also, we don't care for the number of times something needs to be 
changed in contrib.


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