[development] Mark "dangerous" permissions

Stefan drupal-devel at istyledthis.nl
Wed Nov 16 18:02:57 UTC 2005

Op 16-nov-2005, om 18:54 heeft Bèr Kessels het volgende geschreven:

> Op woensdag 16 november 2005 11:51, schreef Karoly Negyesi:
>> What about marking with an ugly big red something administer  
>> filters and
>> administer user access?
> I like it. Though we should si,ply use drupal_set_message for that.
>  "security is most of all, about education"

there should be a patch in the patch queue which let module  
developers document permissions (inside _perm()), and show these  
notices in the permissions overview..
Unfortunatly I cannot seem to find the correspong threath anymore...


Stefan Nagtegaal
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