[development] Help with getting CVS HEAD -> DRUPAL-4-6 [CivicSpace Theme]

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Thu Nov 17 15:12:08 UTC 2005

Trae McCombs wrote:

>Howdy gang,
>I'm trying my hardest to get what I have in CVS HEAD tagged as
>DRUPAL-4-6 so I can begin the 4-7 work on the CivicSpace Theme.  I have
>tried a variety of things, but none have succeeded.
>I initially thought I could simply do a checkout of HEAD and then do:
>cvs tag -F DRUPAL-4-6

Bad idea. According to the FAQ in contrib you should use -b.
We use branches or telling 4.6 and HEAD apart, not tags.

>But it turns out that only works for the directories, not the actual
>Next, when working with James (walkah) on #drupal, he showed me this
>method to try:
>cvs co HEAD (of civicspace theme)
>cvs CO DRUPAL-4-6 (of civicspace theme)
>Then, on those two directories, do: 
>Then, I did a cvs commit .   inside of the cstheme 4-6 dir after the
>This still didn't seem to fix the problem.  You can compare here:
>Again, to try and re-state the task I need to do more clearly:
>I want to tag HEAD of the CSTheme to be DRUPAL-4-6 

I've fixed this by removing the tags and adding a branch as appropriate.

The approprate way to work in Drupal contrib cvs is as follows:

You start a project by adding it to HEAD.

When you think it is ok to release it for the current version, you 
_branch_ not _tag_.
See the FAW for the command.

If you need to make changes to the released version, you get a checkout 
of that branch, make changes and commit _on_ _that_ _branch_.

This works for me since I got a cvs account and I never got any mess in 
my directories.


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