[development] SCM idea

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Fri Nov 18 21:41:47 UTC 2005

> What if we set up a parallel contributions repository using a different  
> SCM which we would optionally put our modules in? If a few of the large  
> contrib projects moved we could get a good idea of how well it works  
> without risking productivity on core.
> This of course would be horribly technically complex since the cvs  
> module and release scripts would have to deal with two systems in  
> parallel.

I will develop a bzr.module very soon (this weekend) and also will set up  
a read-only mirror of, I think, core, and maybe a few contrib modules, we  
shall see. If CVS moves to drupal3 and I get the chance I will be happy to  
work on making a bzr-CVS parallel two way synched repo.



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