[development] Node referencing

Mark mark at nullcraft.org
Sat Nov 19 01:08:37 UTC 2005

Sergio wrote:

> Hello, folks,
>   I'm in need of a little help...
>   I have a module with 3 types of node. Node A, B and C.
>   I am trying to do something like A is the main node and B & C 
> references A. So that, when I show the node A (teaser or full node), I 
> get some informations about nodes type B and C that makes reference to A.
>   Also, I want to node types B and C have a reference to the parent (A).
>   When the user inserts the data, it must be transparent to him as who 
> the parent is (like there is a link on node type A that allows the 
> user to create type B or C and the node creation page will not ask the 
> user who the parent is). The only creation method shoud be like this 
> for nodes B and C (there should not have a link on the node creation 
> list. Just for type A)
>   I took a look at the project module, but I couldn't get much out of 
> it...
>   Any help is appreciated...
> Thanks,
> - Luis Sergio Moura

As others have mentioned, there are many modules out there that manage 
node-to-node relationships.  One thing that was a problem the last time 
I looked was how to go about restricting access to node/add/[type that 
requires parent]/[nid of parent] without other things breaking.  
Previous discussions led me to override the menu settings to disallow 
access to this path, but since the menu system does not prioritize it's 
entries, you may find that your modification of the menu permissions 
doesn't always work.  The result is that the node/add page shows links 
to add content that is not allowed to exist without a parent. The Node 
Relativity module (http://drupal.org/node/17004) essentially does what 
you're looking for, but hasn't been updated in a while.  It is big and 
needs some refactoring and is probably a heavier solution than you're 
looking for, though.


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