[development] Node referencing

Earl Dunovant prometheus6 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 12:32:00 UTC 2005

So...an easy way to add a parent reference plus a straightforward way to
keep type creation links off the content/add page would pretty much do it?

Am I missing something? Because the new node identification method in
4.7can be adjusted slightly to hide those links. A small change to the
hook_node_info() returns (add an element to indicate visibility), a new op
for _node_names() (call it "display create link" or something) and a small
change to node_add() would do it.

On 11/18/05, Mark <mark at nullcraft.org> wrote:
> One thing that was a problem the last time
> I looked was how to go about restricting access to node/add/[type that
> requires parent]/[nid of parent] without other things breaking.
> Previous discussions led me to override the menu settings to disallow
> access to this path, but since the menu system does not prioritize it's
> entries, you may find that your modification of the menu permissions
> doesn't always work. The result is that the node/add page shows links
> to add content that is not allowed to exist without a parent.
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