[development] cvs commit of a 4.6 module when cvs main is going for 4.7

Fabio Varesano fabio.varesano at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 21:59:04 UTC 2005

Hi everybody!

I'm the maintainer of video.module .

We have realeased a good 4.6 video.module then the past weeks worked
hard for the new 4.7 version (MAIN).
Now we have a patch for a bug in the 4.6 branch but I'm not able to
submit it to the 4.6 branch

I tried it but not luky with cvs... I'm getting:
cvs commit: sticky tag `DRUPAL-4-6' for file `video.module' is not a branch

Does someone could explain how can I do it?



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