[development] One core, many distributions

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Mon Nov 21 06:15:26 UTC 2005

Andre Molnar wrote:

> p.s. Am I the only one that sees beauty in the simplicity of 
> example.com/node/13 meaning the 13th node of content on a site - and 
> node/1000345 being the 1,000,345th node on a site... and am I the only

> one that thinks 1 million aliases might be a bit silly to generate 
> automatically?

As a unique ID, that works smashingly. As a recognizable URL, it works
quite badly. Obviously, there are some cases where it is unecessary. I
DO think, though, that path.module is next to useless on any site that
gets updated unless you combine it with pathauto.module.


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