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Bertrand Mansion bmansion at mamasam.com
Mon Nov 21 07:43:24 UTC 2005

Andre Molnar wrote:

>Adrian Rossouw wrote:
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>> On 20 Nov 2005, at 11:21 PM, Andre Molnar wrote:
>>> Path auto is the epitome of a contributed module.  It serves a  
>>> purpose that many people may find useful, but is NOT REQUIRED and  
>>> does not serve a CORE purpose.
>> User-friendliness is a core purpose imo.
>> I believe being able to create human readable URL's automatically is  
>> something we should build upon wherever possible. I also think we  
>> should turn
>> pathauto into more of an API, so modules / nodes / pages can expose  
>> properties to be used in url's.
>> I also believe we should never ever show a node id to an end user.
>I hate software that tries to think for me.  (If another word processing 
>program dares to, by default, capitalize something that I didn't 
>capitalize to begin with - or another IDE, by default, adds so much as a 
>line break to my code - or if any software suggests another file name 
>for me when I go to save - so help me god I'm going to... ... fume 
>because there's nothing else I can do). How can we as developers presume 
>to KNOW how the end user wants to see their URL's?
>And if the user / developer wants to change the default 'human readable' 
>  URL, they will still have to turn to path-alias or another path tool 
>to do so AND/OR hack some code to do it (API or no API). What have we 

I agree. My experience shows that newbies are comfortable dealing with node ids.
They are easier to remember and understand.

I don't know about pathauto, but if it can't handle transliteration of unicode
correctly, it's not worth it. The only way today to do this is to use the
translit[1] extension AFAIK.

[1] http://pecl.php.net/translit

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