[development] One core, many distributions

Jeremy Andrews jeremy at kerneltrap.org
Tue Nov 22 14:03:06 UTC 2005

On Tue, 22 Nov 2005 14:28:20 +0100
Stefan <drupal-devel at istyledthis.nl> wrote:

> the throttle.module is only interesting and usable by
> high-traffic sites like kerneltrap.org and/or
> drupal.org-a-like sites. IMO it's too much for core,
> because there are lot's of people who use drupal for their
> own personal site and small business sites. the
> throttle.module is a little bit of an overkill for sites
> like that.

The throttle is useful to sites that have limited resources
and usually are not that busy.  It is actually less useful to
consistently high-traffic sites, as by necessity they will
already have the required infrastructure to survive high

The throttle works well for a website that's on a shared
host with limited CPU and bandwidth, that usually only gets a
handful of visitors, and then is suddenly Slashdotted.  Of
course, it will only help in that case if it has been enabled
and properly configured.


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