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Stefan drupal-devel at istyledthis.nl
Tue Nov 22 13:28:20 UTC 2005

Op 22-nov-2005, om 13:57 heeft Jeremy Epstein het volgende geschreven:

> On 11/20/05, Karoly Negyesi <karoly at negyesi.net> wrote:
>> Here is a proposed core set:
>> block
>> comment
>> filter
>> help
>> locale (because this lets you change strings so its always useful)
>> menu
>> node
>> path
>> search
>> story
>> system
>> taxonomy
>> throttle
>> upload
>> user
>> watchdog
> This is great: all those other modules SHOULD be moved out of core.
> But what concerns me is that they don't just get pulled out of core,
> and dumped straight into the spaghetti pit that is contrib ATM. We
> have to set up the 'endorsed modules' system first, so that these
> extra modules (e.g. forum, blog, aggregator, book) have a home to go
> to, rather than risk them getting 'lost in contrib'. These modules are
> currently (despite being too domain-specific for core) well-maintained
> and constantly improved, and this is because they're in core. We have
> to ensure that when they leave core, they're still in a place where
> this high-maintenance requirement continues.
Well, the fact is that when a module doesn't get updated/improved the  
usage of the module is probably questionable..
Also the list above does still point to a certain direction of sites.
I would vote for a light-weight core with even less modules and  
become a broader base for even more kind of websites, like:
- block;
- comment;
- filter;
- locale;
- menu;
- node;
- path;
- search;
- story;
- system;
- taxonomy;
- user;
- watchdog.

you see that help and throttle are moved from the list. Help because  
it points to newbies. Advanced users don't need it IMO, but I'm not  
very sure of this decision. Maybe it's better to display help by  
default, for everybody who's new.

the throttle.module is only interesting and usable by high-traffic  
sites like kerneltrap.org and/or drupal.org-a-like sites. IMO it's  
too much for core, because there are lot's of people who use drupal  
for their own personal site and small business sites. the  
throttle.module is a little bit of an overkill for sites like that.

Just some of my thoughts about this topic...

Stefan Nagtegaal
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