[development] One core, many distributions

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Wed Nov 23 11:56:18 UTC 2005

Op dinsdag 22 november 2005 14:59, schreef Fehér János:
> 2005-11-22, k keltezéssel 13.47-kor Jose A. Reyero ezt írta:
> > Well, that one, let's take it easy. The current i18n.module has too many
> > hacks and workarounds to avoid core patches, and would need to be
> > reworked to be a core module.
> > But we are making progress :-) Quite slowly though :-(
> >
> > Hope to see you around helping and supporting the idea of 'multilingual
> > Drupal' -whatever form -module, core...- it takes at the end :-)
> I'd like to help, that's why I ask you to write down what do you
> think about the future of the i18n. It would helpful to split the
> tasks into parts.

We all recognise Drupal clearly lacks any support in this region. But if you 
look around, you will see all the ingredients are there. 
It is "just" a matter of getting some cooks that can prepare those ingredients 
and make a nice dish from it. 

We, that is the people who want this supprt most, seem to all lack time and or 
skills to get this finished. Drupal itsself is very much developer oriented, 
while the biggest professional installations are all situated in the US. That 
makes the need for proper i18n rather small. US corporations dont need it, 
developers dont need it, they all talk english in the developer places. 

so, i think above all, we need something done. We need a renewed i18n for 4.7 
and a group of active developers around that. José, what do you think about 
makeing i18n maintained by a group, rather then only you? I am not saying you 
cannot do the job, don't get me wrong, I am just saying we need more hands to 
get this on rails and get a bunch of good solutions out the door for 4.7, 


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