[development] One core, many distributions

Fehér János feher.janos at mindworks.hu
Tue Nov 22 13:59:31 UTC 2005

2005-11-22, k keltezéssel 13.47-kor Jose A. Reyero ezt írta:
> Well, that one, let's take it easy. The current i18n.module has too many
> hacks and workarounds to avoid core patches, and would need to be
> reworked to be a core module.
> But we are making progress :-) Quite slowly though :-(
> Hope to see you around helping and supporting the idea of 'multilingual
> Drupal' -whatever form -module, core...- it takes at the end :-)

I'd like to help, that's why I ask you to write down what do you
think about the future of the i18n. It would helpful to split the
tasks into parts.


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