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Ken Rickard agentrickard at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 14:55:50 UTC 2005


I would agree that custom site usability testing is not something that needs
to be address by core developers.

Our testing methods might be useful for core admin and setup development, so
I can help write some tests for those if people need.

More to my skill set, I would like, at some point (given personal time
constraints) to be able to hook up with the Best Practices folks to write up
some of our findings.

Case in point:  In our 4.5 environment, there is so little difference in
user behavior between forums and blogs that the two need not both be run.
In our next install, we're simply removing forums.

If this were a universal truth -- and I'm not suggesting it is -- then I'd
say, hey, devels, drop forum from core.

Those who are insterested in going down the usability path should, I think,
contact me off-list

agentrickard at gmail dot com

And we'll see what good I can share with the documentation / help folks.

I'm particularly interested in the "who is your audience" question.  (For
some starting thoughts on where I'm coming from, interested parties can see

/ Close thread


Ken Rickard
drupal: agentken
gmail: agentrickard
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