[development] One core, many distributions

Gunnar Langemark gunnar at langemark.com
Wed Nov 23 18:00:08 UTC 2005

Liza Sabater wrote:
> Again, the pertinent question : Is Drupal a product or a software 
> development lab?
That's a very good question.
Fortunately it is not very hard to answer.

Drupal is Open Source.
Open Source is driven by coders who have an itch. They scratch the itch 
they have.
They have no obligation to scratch yours or mine. Some even have the 
audacity to mention it openly!

Drupal is not a product first. It is a process, a way of life, a living 
system and an experimental development lab.
Drupal is also a product, but it is not a commercial product, so don't 
expect the same culture around it as you'll find around word for 
instance. We don't have paid supporters to take the abuse from 
frustrated customers and turn it into satisfying solutions.
Also - even though Drupal people are quite focussed on usability issues, 
help and support - these tasks are not a "attractive" to most people in 
the community. That is the way it is. Don't expect anything else.

The Drupal community has hitherto been very friendly and forthcoming 
when people had issues with the software.
Drupal is now so bogged down by its own success, that the core 
developers cannot be expected to be as available as the next release is 
approaching fast.

Development cycles: Even large professional systems (like MBS Axapta - 
the system I work with on a daily basis) have more than one "rhythm". 
Full releases are two years, smaller ones more frequent.

(I'm not a programmer, I'm a communications guy and an Information 
Architect and I love Drupal and the community around it)


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