[development] creating forward compatable modules?

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Thu Nov 24 02:49:41 UTC 2005

Tao Starbow wrote:
>> Bryght runs over a thousand.  It's totally traffic dependent.
> Over a thousand sites on a single server?  Wow, that is much more 
> scalable that I would have guessed. I am coming from the JSP world, 
> which is more or a resource hog.
> Is there a more useful metric, like total simultaneous authorized users 
> or total hits per hour?  

Ever the helpful answer:  "It depends".

I have a few very high-traffic sites (>50K pages per day) and they'd
all be dying on their arse without several patches found in the forums,
persistent connections and some ruthless timeout limits.  Out of the
box, Drupal 4.6 doesn't cut it for scaling (*for those clients*).

It's a "3-D" sort of thing with server performance.  You balance
memory usage and indexing and thread spawning on the MySQL side,
possibly using one or more external DB servers.  At the front end
you balance memory, simultaneous connections, threads spawned
and process-murder with Apache/$webserver.

Plus, of course, it always works just fine until you throw users
at it.

In the end all this stuff comes down to a process of screwing with
everything until it stops being broken, then leaving it the hell
alone.  That's not a Drupal thing.  That applies to everything I
ever worked on.


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