[development] bzr battle plan

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Thu Nov 24 09:55:54 UTC 2005

>  And, i used to say, those who don't know SVN often know CVS and can
> switch easely... That's why SVN is a good compromission imho.

My concern are developers, translators and themers who know neither. I'd  
like to provide a web service so they do not need to know either.

> Suggest: why not add a poll on http://drupal.org to ask people what's
> their favorite CSM..? We'll have so a good idea how ready future dev'
> are ready to switch to something else and what..

I think there is no need. Here's why: you have people who are working on  
making bzr for Drupal happen, at this moment it's hunmonk, chx -- and  
jblack from the bzr project itself. No matter what you poll, you need  
people to get things rolling. And note that with my battle plan I am not  
forcing _any_ change. I plan to offer bzr, if you like it, that's great,  
but if you do not, so be it.

Again and again I will state that SVN solves none of our growing problems.  
It could if we would change dramatically our workflow but I do not think  
we are ready for that.

I set up the bzr mirror of core so that people who want to work together  
on something bigger just can. A loose team of contributors needs a  
distributed RCS IMO. So if Drupal goes to SVN, my battle plan applies just  
the same. But again, that needs work, and so far I have seen only talk,  
including myself. I am sold to the bzr idea and actually working on it,  
and yes the bzr.module will happen sooner than later.

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