[development] Support with XML-RPC and Flash remoting.

Fabiana fabiana at circodepulgas.org
Thu Nov 24 16:39:59 UTC 2005

Hello, everybody!

I'm using the last version of Drupal with taxonomy_menu.module to build 
the hierarchy menu and taxonomy_images.module to have one image per term.
I want a Flash movie to get and show these images accordingly to the 
category the user is visiting.
I know I have to use XML-RPC library for Flash, but I don't know if I 
need to build a custom module to output these images or I can handle 
this just making the appropriate actionscripting using the xmlrcpflash 
I don't know much of actionscripting, that's why I really need help.

Can someone gimme support? I don't have much money, but we can negotiate 
a price, so I'll pay for the work if someone could help me finish this 
stuff today.

Thanks in advance.

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