[development] Support with XML-RPC and Flash remoting.

Angie Byron drupal-devel at webchick.net
Thu Nov 24 20:57:12 UTC 2005

I did some work with Flash => XML-RPC => Drupal which is unfortunately under NDA
so I can't actually post sample code. :( But I can give you some pointers which
will hopefully help shave many hours off your journey:

1. There are basically two Flash XML-RPC libraries floating around out there.
Use this one: http://members.netmadeira.com/killer/xmlrpc/. It's much simpler
and also better in terms of performance.

2. The demo on the above site does not work, and neither will the sample demo
files on new-ish versions of PHP because of function naming conflicts. Replace
the xmlrpc.inc and xmlrpcs.inc files from the current version of the script at
http://phpxmlrpc.sourceforge.net/ and it should work. This will allow you to see
a working example which makes it a lot easier to see how this stuff fits together.

3. You will need to create a custom module that implements hook_xmlrpc. chx and
I just worked the other day on improving the documentation here:
http://drupaldocs.org/api/head/function/hook_xmlrpc to help explain better how
this hook call should look.

4. The BlogAPI module shows an example of a hook_xmlrpc implementation, so you
can get a feel for what the custom module should look like.

5. There's a user on Drupal.org called 'averageyoungman' who was very helpful in
me finally arriving at my solution. I'm pretty sure he's available for
consulting work (where I'm pretty swamped). His contact page can be reached from

That's about all the info I can give you, but hopefully that will give you a
head-start and eliminate some head-on-desk pounding. ;)


Fabiana wrote:
> Hello, everybody!
> I'm using the last version of Drupal with taxonomy_menu.module to build
> the hierarchy menu and taxonomy_images.module to have one image per term.
> I want a Flash movie to get and show these images accordingly to the
> category the user is visiting.
> I know I have to use XML-RPC library for Flash, but I don't know if I
> need to build a custom module to output these images or I can handle
> this just making the appropriate actionscripting using the xmlrcpflash
> library.
> I don't know much of actionscripting, that's why I really need help.
> Can someone gimme support? I don't have much money, but we can negotiate
> a price, so I'll pay for the work if someone could help me finish this
> stuff today.
> Thanks in advance.
> Fabiana

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