[development] bzr battle plan

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Fri Nov 25 00:46:34 UTC 2005


I fully agree with you.

chx is to be commended for taking the initiative of introducing us to
bzr, but that should not sway is on its own. We should really evaluate
what is out there, and make an informed decision.  We should see what
other open source projects are doing too, and learn from their

Dries: you should take action on this. You have said you want to stay
on CVS. Fair enough.

But what about:
- Are there any pains with CVS?
- Are there better features elsewhere?
- Do we benefit from a new tool?

Discuss more, form a team, argue, pros/cons, ...etc. This is what we need.

This is how the discussion should start, not as a forgone conclusion
or preempting the issue.

> I agree with Gerhard here. I wouldn't want for us to pick a version control
> software based on popular opinion (nor, "hey it works fine for so-and-so" for
> that matter), but rather how well it addresses *our* specific needs as
> developers for Drupal.
> Probably the best place to start this conversation is to establish answers the
> following questions (and probably some others), and choose a product based on that:
> 1. What are our major gripes about CVS and where has CVS failed us?
> 2. On the flip-side, what are some cool things about CVS that we like and want
> to make sure the next package has?
> 3. What types of development ventures have we embarked on in the past that were
> difficult to do with CVS and patches?
> 4. What kinds of "Wouldn't it be cool if..?" scenarios could we think of that
> would help ease development?

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