[development] bzr battle plan

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Fri Nov 25 08:53:29 UTC 2005

Op vrijdag 25 november 2005 00:17, schreef Angie Byron:
> 1. What are our major gripes about CVS and where has CVS failed us?

CVS forces everyone to keep patches in a queue up to date (revisions patch). 
CVS does nothing to help ease this pain.
CVS has a very hard to grok concept. It requires users to get a complete new 
idea of file management. 

> 2. On the flip-side, what are some cool things about CVS that we like and
> want to make sure the next package has?

The amount of tools available for it. Not only GUIS, also scripts and all 

> 3. What types of development ventures have we embarked on in the past that
> were difficult to do with CVS and patches?

Grouped efforts on a certain issue. Forms API indeed. 
Usability improvments. Most often a patch does not "explain" anything in 
usability improvements, because patches are really "hardcore developers 
Distribution management. This has not even been tried. 

> 4. What kinds of "Wouldn't it be cool if..?" scenarios could we think of
> that would help ease development?

Manage distributions and "flavours" of Drupal. 
Make a patch, then let it do its own pimping (instead of me going around IRC, 
jabber, mail, bumping issues etc). 
Make it possible to let a patch linger in a queue for a while, yet it can 
still be applied. 
Allow me to branch off (core) modules to work on that for
 * my own projects (yet someone might be interested in that work too)
 * improvement of a core project. Patches alone are unfit for large changes
 * Distributions. They might want slightly modified version of stuff. Or 
additional files


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