[drupal-devel] css clear use

Tobias Maier tobias.maier at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 14:44:50 UTC 2005

David Norman schrieb:

>I'm trying to develop a theme with floating css elements and there are
>several uses of clear in misc/drupal.css that are messing up my layout.
>Is there a particular programmatic reason the use of clear is
>superordinate to themes?
>I seem to have been able to override it in the theme css file, but aside
>from it being temporarily annoying to fix, it doesn't seem like I should
>have to override Drupal built-in css.
If you are good in CSS and HTML it would be fine if you could review 
every style declaration made in drupal.css to simplify it.
Sometimes they should probably be moved to the themes style sheet...
Then you could post some issues (maybe for every major step one) here 

CU tobias

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