[drupal-devel] what do you call a rose?

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Sat Oct 1 14:38:46 UTC 2005

On Saturday 01 October 2005 15:23, Steve Dondley wrote:
> > This is where preconfigured installs like CS or on Btyght come to play.
> So your view is that Drupal isn't meant to be used directly and must
> be packaged into special distributions for use by end-users?

Yes. that is my vision.

> Why not attempt to lower the barriers as much as possible?  Why not
> just make things as easy as possible for her?  Making Drupal as
> user-friendly as possible will do more to spread the use of Drupal and
> as a result increase the size of your bank account.

No. I beleive that a lot of barriers can only be lowered by giving in on 
flexibility. Too many things in drupal are just complex, because we do not 
want to give in on that flexibility. the only way to make them easier is to 
remove that complexity. 
Off course there are a LOT of places where we can improve drupal without 
giving in on that flexibility. I am NOT talking about all those issues, for 
one day they will be fixed. 

> > If I cannot afford an engineer to fix and maintain my car, I will need to
> > learn how the engine works.
> You don't have to learn how to fix a car just to use it.  And a person
> who has never seen a car before could probably learn in about 20
> minutes.

Maintaining is not driving. 

> > True. But renaming 'weight' to 'ordering' will not help. The concept we
> > have currently is 1) hard to grok, and 2) very hard to get right in an
> > UI. Above all this -again- is an interface problem.
> I has some ideas about changing how the weight was worded.  See
> http://drupal.org/node/19434

Again: the issue lies in the fact that weighting has no good UI. If we could 
allow AJAX dragDrop lists, the whole idea of weighting can stay in existence 
(for we DO weighted ordering) but users need not be bothered with it.

That is what I keep hammering on. Renaming weight to whatever, does not solve 
the issue. Improving the *total* communication does. (UI, names, explanation, 
help etc). 


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