[drupal-devel] what do you call a rose?

Kobus Myburgh ITBJDM at puknet.puk.ac.za
Mon Oct 3 10:02:01 UTC 2005

The point being - not everyone has his site set up by a third party. Some non-techy users set up their sites themselves (and boggs the support list). If I can help these folks, I do, because I was at their level once myself. Unless we plan to have a lot more support questions in the mailing lists as Drupal grows, we better make things as simple as possible.

I truly understand your point about having to know stuff, but what do you need to know? Taxonomies or Categories? Folksonomies or Free Tagging? We're going off the topic here.

I could even compare a node to a story. Sure, I know node != story, but the thing is, what exactly is a node? A piece of content? Story is also a piece of content. If I say "My car's engine is not working" it could be any part of it - the technical person will figure out exactly which part of it). To go back to the top part of my post, we who help on the support list and forums are the only techies some admins will see, and if we can make it as easy as possible for them (without insulting their intelligence - which is a whole new concept by itself) we will make less work for ourselves.


>>> berdrupal at tiscali.be 10/3/2005 11:50:30 AM >>>
On Monday 03 October 2005 10:13, Kobus Myburgh wrote:
> but what you have to remember is that not all admins are technical gurus
> like you
Again: if one wants to be a successfull admin, one really needs to know more 
about Drupal. IMHO you cannot be a successfull car engineer if you dont know 
about the ideas behind an engine. But you cna be a successfull driver without 
that knowledge. You can only be a successfull admin if you know about nodes, 
menus, taxonomies etc. But you can be a user without all that knowledge. 

This, however, does not mean that we cannot make things better and easier. But 
it means that we should not estimate our admins as complete morons. A moron 
cannot be  an admin. Even if we make our admin area moron proof. 
So to turn this around: we can use correct yargon, for admins, for we can 
expect them to learn about that yargon. Esp if that means that in the end the 
admin knows better what it is about. (meaning: the yargon was used correct)


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