[drupal-devel] reviews needed

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Tue Oct 4 17:52:47 UTC 2005

> I would reiterate that we are not asking the user the enter a URL.
 > The help text makes it clear (or should) that only a path is to be
> entered. The 'custom URL' is the path by which the node will be
> accessed and IS a URL.

Your semantics are wrong. A path is part of a URL. A URL contains a path, 
but it is not a path itself. "The path by which a node will be accessed 
and IS a URL" is an incorrect statement - a path is nothing but a path by 
itself. "about" is not a URL. "about" is a path. "http://drupal.org/path" 
is a URL. It is not a path. Your statement is wrong. If you can't get it 
straight, then you shouldn't be voting.

By your reasoning, the PATH_INFO environment variable would include the 
domain and all that crap in it - cos hey, that's all the stuff that makes 
up a URL, custom or otherwise. But, it doesn't - it only contains the path 
information. Dare you accuse the HTTP specs of BEING WRONG?! <g>

Help is not a crutch. If help is needed to clarify things, then the thing 
it is clarifying is not clear enough. If all the Drupal help text was 
removed, many people will enter full URLs into "Custom URL", because 
that's what it is asking for, not a URL path. This is key.

  I AGREE IMMENSELY. DO YOU? [________________]
  [small]Actually, I don't agree. But your argument suggests that my lie is
  a-ok because HEY! We got some swanky help text that clarifies ourselves!
  Who cares if the heading is wrong! The help text LIVES![/small]

  BODY [__________________]
  [small]Actually, this isn't ONLY the body. See, you can add a little bit
  of text that says "this part is the teaser of the body, in the body
  itself". But, we'll just lie and say "body" cos, pff, who needs a teaser
  as a second form field, right? ROFFLE.

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