[drupal-devel] reviews needed

Richard Archer drupal.org at juggernaut.com.au
Wed Oct 5 11:02:17 UTC 2005

At 8:03 AM +0200 5/10/05, Kobus Myburgh wrote:

>> Putting the http://blah/ before the text box is a usability nightmare.
>Huh? I don't agree here. If you have:
>custom URL
>http://www.example.com/[                   ]
>If you want to change the path to this page, please complete  the URL
>for this node above.

You're lucky if you can get users to read the help text let alone
try to understand some arcane formatting they've never seen before.

It would be much better to put that text IN the input field and ask
the user to complete the URL. Then strip that text back out again
before saving the field.

Even better again to suggest a complete, default URL for that node
and asking the user to confirm it.


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