[drupal-devel] reviews needed

Nicolas Tostin nicolast at logis.com.mx
Wed Oct 5 21:15:56 UTC 2005

> 2. Wordpress calls the field "post slug" along with a path-auto style
> prefilled text field.  This name has no direction relation to technical
> meaning of the concept.  But, I can find no debate on the Wordpress
> forums as to its meaning.  By divorcing the name from the technical
> jargon, and auto populating it the appear to have successfully
> sidestepped the debate. (But the post slug only becomes part of the URL
> if the permalinks global option is configured to use it).
Well, I just went through a demo of wordpress and find this slug field :o
There's no help and only looking at the doc you can understand what is it...
So I think that our current help (once again) is pretty explicit...

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