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On 06 Oct 2005, at 3:17 PM, Larry Garfield wrote:

> On Thursday 06 October 2005 07:02 am, Adrian Rossouw wrote:
>> Has anyone ever considered a locale_light module which allows a
>> developer to specify some strings in an array, and just use those to
>> translate small strings.
>> I've often wanted to change strings (blog to journal for instance) ,
>> but the entire locale module is incredible overkill for my purposes.
> As Morbus said, the "drop back and punt" answer is rarely a good one.
> However, you can do that now with the locale module without too much
> difficulty.  Just create a new locale called "English-Custom" or  
> similar,
> attached to en-us.  Then visit the page you want to edit a string  
> on (to get
> it into the database table), then go and enter new text for that  
> string.  I
> did that recently for a project with a client and it worked out  
> quite well.
> (We wanted to rename "user" to "Team user" and various other similar
> changes.)  Some posted instructions on how to use locale that way  
> would be
> good, but it's not necessary to make a new module for it.
Versus :

filename : locale_simple.module.
function locale($string) {
   $string['Custom URL'] = 'Path Alias';
   return $translate[$string];


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