[drupal-devel] permissions page

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Sun Oct 9 09:17:44 UTC 2005

>>> I don't like the idea of having text as images. Doesn't scale. Also, if
>>> you scroll down onthat page, you still won't know to which role you are
>>> assigning perms. I think my solution is simple, accessible, and
>>> solves  all
>>> problems.
>> I don't like having text as images either.  It's awkward and bound to
>> be  a theme nightmare.
> Not with my solution as we do not theme this page to save space.

Which is going to be a hell of a useability problem.

"Huh, what happened to this page, *every other* admin page has that
Drupal layout, why not this one?"

This is not a solution, but just a band aid...


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