[drupal-devel] I do not care about PHP 5

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Sat Oct 15 04:44:01 UTC 2005

> it all later.  Whether later is December 2005 or December 2007, you'll  
> still
> have to go back and fix it.

By then, PHP6 will be there, incompatbile again, and I'd need to fix  
anyways. And who knows, it's possible that 5.0.6 will break stuff again  
and I need to fix my code again. No, thanks, I code for PHP4.

> to PHP 5 en masse

You suppose this will happen. I am not sure.

I see only one reason to change: if we can find a cool metaschema for PHP  
5.1's PDO. I do not hold my breath.



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