[drupal-devel] performance improvements - avoiding big unserialize()

Craig Courtney craig at dawnsedge.com
Fri Oct 21 18:49:24 UTC 2005

Using file system to store read/write information like this will be a  
severe security risk for most hosting situations.  As Herman pointed  
out the user id that the php engine runs under (may be different than  
web server when php is run as cgi) will have to have read/write  
access to the file data store.  In many shared hosting this means  
that your information file will be read/writable for all other sites  
hosted on your box.


On Oct 21, 2005, at 2:33 PM, Herman Webley wrote:

> 1. This file will have to be writeable by the web server.
> 2. This file will be writeable by the web server

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