[drupal-devel] Is the 'upload files' permission necessary?

Dries Knapen dries.knapen at versateladsl.be
Sat Oct 22 13:59:56 UTC 2005

> I think the 'upload files' permission is redundant with the  
> settings for
> which content types have attachments enabled and permissions for  
> who can
> create those content types.

Not always. As an example, one of my sites is a conference site,  
where users can submit abstracts of presentations and posters. Every  
logged in user can create an abstract, but they can't upload  
attachments. However, when a member of the scientific committee, who  
reviews the abstracts, rejects an abstract, he can upload pdf's of  
related articles to illustrate his suggested changes to the abstract.  
When the author has rewritten his abstract, only members of the  
committee are allowed to delete the pdf's prior to approving the  

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