[drupal-devel] icons : go for tango

vlado vlado at dikini.net
Tue Oct 25 12:31:28 UTC 2005

> The other thing we can do is ship with different sets of icons and use a 
> naming convention, like with forum icons. Then we don't need a vote or 
> anything else.
True. I just didn't want to start that before 4.7. Although the most straightforward approach would be a
contrib module which adds a stylesheet overriding the 'default' iconset.

For this to succeed we will need to use stylesheets and not html to set
the different icons.

I might have a demo of that the next couple of days. I have working
code, but need to convert everything for HEAD.

To do that there is a need to patch node.module to theme the node_add
output, which I consider a bug, that it is not themeable.

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