advanced settings (was Re: [drupal-devel] advanced theme in core vs all in core.)

Khalid B kb at
Wed Sep 7 01:17:35 UTC 2005

I was thinking in the line of having an
admin/settings/modulename/advanced (or
admin/settings/advanced/modulename), that displays a tab titled

Then each module can put whatever exotic options it has, those that
are for power users, or less often used, or can be confusing.

The same goes for admin/settings/advanced, where Drupal core's own
advanced settings can be placed.

At the top of these screens we can have a warning that the admin must
really know what they are doing before changing any of this.

This way, we do not hard code much, provide power for those who need
it, and keep it away from sight of the majority who do not need it.

P.S. Regarding the "list all variables" page, that would be nice too.
But it can grow to be very long, as well as some of these variables
may have a lot of info it (e.g. primary links for older themes,
mission, ...etc.)

On 9/6/05, Larry Garfield <larry at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 06 September 2005 03:14 pm, Bèr Kessels wrote:
> > Op dinsdag 06 september 2005 20:37, schreef Larry Garfield:
> > > An admin/advanced page, if we include one, should still be a well-built
> > > and well-documented page, just listing less-used stuff. Developers
> > > shouldn't have an "easy way out" of just throwing something into the
> > > advanced screen and forgetting about it.
> >
> > True
> >
> > IMO that page should only be a summary of already defined variables. So, in
> > contrary to windows registry or (shivver) gnome-conf, this should (IMO)
> > only list the variables that are settable in other places too.
> >
> > Regards,
> >  Bèr
> But if they're already listed elsewhere in logical places, why have a "big
> heat o' variables" too?  If they're hard to find in their current location
> then we need to clean up the current location, not add a bandaid on top of
> it.
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