advanced settings (was Re: [drupal-devel] advanced theme in core vs all in core.)

Larry Garfield larry at
Wed Sep 7 01:38:17 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 06 September 2005 08:17 pm, Khalid B wrote:
> I was thinking in the line of having an
> admin/settings/modulename/advanced (or
> admin/settings/advanced/modulename), that displays a tab titled
> "advanced".
> Then each module can put whatever exotic options it has, those that
> are for power users, or less often used, or can be confusing.
> The same goes for admin/settings/advanced, where Drupal core's own
> advanced settings can be placed.
> At the top of these screens we can have a warning that the admin must
> really know what they are doing before changing any of this.

Can you provide a few examples of where this would actually make sense?  I'm 
not coming up with any where the correct answer is "well if you named it and 
explained it better on the normal settings page then it wouldn't be so 
'confusing', now would it?" :-)

Personally I see "advanced" tabs and forms as a sign of failure on the part of 
the UI designer to properly organize and design the interface in the first 

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