advanced settings (was Re: [drupal-devel] advanced theme in core vs all in core.)

Khalid B kb at
Wed Sep 7 01:45:56 UTC 2005

> Can you provide a few examples of where this would actually make sense?  I'm
> not coming up with any where the correct answer is "well if you named it and
> explained it better on the normal settings page then it wouldn't be so
> 'confusing', now would it?" :-)

For anyone who have been following development, there are so many
times where the discussion goes like this:

A: I need a new feature X to be added. Here is the patch.
B: The option is fine, but we have to preserve existing behavior.
A. Here is a revised patch with an option to turn it on.
C. No. More options means confusion and clutter. -1.
D. Let us have the option in $conf in settings.php where it is hidden.
ad nauseum.

So, this is my proposal: provide  the option for those who want it and
keep it out of site  from the rest.

> Personally I see "advanced" tabs and forms as a sign of failure on the part of
> the UI designer to properly organize and design the interface in the first
> place.

This is an example of how new features/options get shot down: clutter.
It is sort of a Godwin law like thing on this list (just kidding, but
there are similarities).

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