[drupal-devel] Crucial problem with mysql 4.1.x and collation

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Wed Sep 7 08:31:33 UTC 2005

> I did not face something similar, but not the same. My hosting account
> is at MySQL 4.0.25, while my development server is 4.1.11.
> When doing a dump from development and trying to load it on the
> hosting account, I got an error that the phrase DEFAULT CHARSET is not
> valid.
> So, I resorted to doing:
> gunzip -c dbdump.sql.gz|sed -e 's/DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1//'| mysql
> -uusername -ppassowrd dbname
> Hence removing that part upon loading.
> I did not noticed a problem with accented characters though. Maybe I
> should check closer.

Well, since MySQL 4.0.x supports latin1 quite fine, there should not be
any problem.


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