[drupal-devel] Fwd: OpenUsability Project Approved

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Mon Sep 19 17:28:41 UTC 2005

On Sep 19, 2005, at 9:45 AM, Álvaro Ortiz wrote:
> So if some concise usability/ux improvements were listed, I would  
> contribute.

Here is a list projects for Administration User Experience that we  
need help with.
1) We need to complete interviews for new administrative users.  I  
have completed 12 so far, but they were all with heavy administration  
2) The results of those interviews needs to be summarized and turned  
into a top ten list of user experience issues for administration.   
The list will be reviewed and prioritized by our User Experience  
design team.

If you want to take a project and run with it here are some to evaluate.
Drupal User Experience Infrastructure projects
3) Help improve the wireframe module so that developers can put up  
their designs as wireframes and get user feedback during the design  
4) Help with the remote user testing infrastructure.  We don't have  
user testing labs so we have to use VNC and VOIP clients to allow  
developers to do remote usability testing.
5) We need to provide better administration help for all Drupal  
modules.  Here are some examples: http://drupal.org/handbook/ 
modules.   These could be improved with images, better layout, and  
CSS for administer >> help.

Specific Usability projects that need to be completed.
6) Work with Neil Drumm to review the User Experience of the new  
updater in Drupal 4.7.  Help him with wireframes and user testing.
7) Work with Adrian Rossouw to review the User Experience of the new  
installer.  Help with developing task analysis, workflow, wireframes,  
design testing, and prototypes.
8) We need designs for the project module to display ratings and  
feedback for module evaluation.   Develop wireframes to show how site  
developers can administer their sites more effectively with more  
relevant information in the module project page.
9) Develop concepts for explaining module dependencies.  Provide  
10) Help with wireframes and design testing for the new proposed  
control panel interface for Drupal.  I can help provide task  
analysis, and workflows.  I'll need help with wireframes and  
navigation design.
11) Create a gallery demonstrating visual examples from Drupal of  
good user experience design and bad user experience design.  This  
should provide examples that developers can point to in the same way  
that they point to coding standards.

If any of these projects are interesting and you have time to  
contribute please let me know.


> ciao
> álvaro
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